safe binary plans - 95% income


By buying Maximum 5 tickets per week, you have a chance to win the valuable re-Point lottery. After 6 months, with a survey and the approval of the majority of the members, the lottery plan will be changed and 15% of the deposited amount will be directly deposited into the wallet of the introducing person as a commission.

Trading Bot

Auto trade bot in cryptocurrency and forex with capital value preservation

RPT token airdrop

re-Point's exclusive decentralized and valuable token

Earning Entertainments

Special games in the decentralized cryptocurrency space

Prop Trading

A safe environment for training and recruiting talented future traders

NFT Collections

Providing collections: playing cards, artworks, membership cards and etc.

Bid and ask price

The highest price that someone is willing to buy a crypto at is known as the “best bid“.

Wallet and Swap

Decentralized dedicated wallet with re-Point swap and staking platform

FTT trading

A type of trading where assets are traded within a fixed time range.